The defeat of NPP by the NDC during the Assin North By-Elections 2023, despite other minor indicators, was largely based on needless arrogance and abuse of power, too much playfulness and a presentation of a divisive Party front which was largely caused by Dr. Bawumia and his Camp prior to the day of the by-election.

Note, in comparison with the 2020 general elections parliamentary results for Assin North, at the end of the 2023 By-elections, the NDC increased from 55.21% to 57.54% while NPP decreased from 44.79% to 42.18%. In terms of numbers, the NDC decreased by 293 votes and the NPP decreased by 2,804 votes. It is also worthy of note that the NPP has won the constituency 5 times and the NDC has only won it 3 times making the constituency a swing constituency but largely aligned to the NPP.

The NPP held its final and mega rally on Sunday 25th June, 2023 at Assin Breku. During the course of the rally, Dr. Bawumia and his team out of malice and arrogance of power with an intent to mock and disdain a fellow contender, Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng, intentionally disrespected and obstructed him through a malicious agenda to make him look ridiculous on stage when he, Dr. Bawumia was climbing onto the podium to take his seat.

In fact, Bawumia intentionally used the front entry through the crowd with an insulting and shady background song by Kwame Yogot ft Kwame Eugene while Alan Kyeremateng was still on his feet delivering his speech, instead of moving onto the podium through the back or waiting till he had finished delivering his speech to the teeming and anxious crowd regarding the good works of NPP and why they should vote for the Charle Opoku, the Parliamentary Candidate for the Assin North By-Election.

This singular arrogant action of Dr. Bawumia which was intended to undermine and ridicule a fellow aspirant, and in furtherance, look down on all other aspirants, as a result, infuriated passion and angered many supporters of the Party across the Constituency, and through that, got the Party the subsequent humiliating results we witnessed as a result of the very divided Party front we presented toward the by-election.

We will also partly blame the National Party Executives for being weak regarding the negative activities some elements at both the Presidency and legislature arm of the NPP who are bent on distorting and abusing the laws and power of the Party and Government in favour of Dr. Bawumia for their personalized and parochial interest, have been allowed to embark on for a long time without any caution or sanction.

As Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto once opined, we can not break the eight with a “Half of an Egg”; therefore as a Party, we should act maturely and tactically in all our endeavors, do things that will keep us united and not divided because similar events lost us the 2008 general elections, and so, we should be very tactful not to get it repeated as we journey toward the very crucial 2024 general elections.


We will in conclusion advise all aspirants to act maturely in their campaign as has been observed of Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto and Mr. Boakye Kyeremateng Agyarko, and in furtherance, present a very compelling and competitive vision and message that has the tendency to change and improve upon the developmental fortunes of NPP, Ghana and Africa as a whole.

God bless Ghana and NPP party.


Association of NPP National Polling Station Executives (ANANPOSE)

Owoahene Dominic 0244078968 – (President)

Edward Afuugu 0246513688 – (Secretary)

Hon. Oterga 0249338931 – (Director of Operations)