A local illicit drugs eradication committee in Tamale known as the Aboabo Pilots-Fong have intercepted and destroyed several quantities of Tramadol 120 and 225 worth over GH¢700,000.

There has been a surge in incidence of Tramadol and other drug abuse cases in the greater Tamale metropolis over the past years.

Speaking to journalists in Tamale, chairman of the watchdog committee Jamal Yahaya Iddi narrates how they intercepted the drugs.

“We had information and have to track the ‘pusher’ who is from Accra for over a week before getting him at his house on arrival with the drug.”

He assured the committee is poised on flushing out drug pushers in the metropolis.

“Tamale is becoming a hub for drug trafficking which is a looming disaster and that’s what we are fighting. If not in the next five years this town will be doomed.

“We are committed to doing the work and insha Allah we will fish them out and make sure they are properly punished.”

He laments how Tramadol abuse is destroying the youth. “Tramadol is killing the youth. They are all going mad and behaving abnormal and this we must all work to stop.”

The illicit drugs eradication committee was constituted in January this year by the Gulkpe Naa of Tamale with approval from relevant stakeholders.

The formation of the committee was premised on the alarming rate of intake of Tramadol and other related hard drugs. Several quantities of drugs have since been destroyed by members of the committee.

The Aboabo forest in Tamale has in recent times become a hub of illicit drug activities.

In Ghana, only 50 and 100 grams of Tramadol has been approved for use. However, there is a surge in the use of 120 and 225 grams by the youth which is seemingly destroying them.