Over 3,200 Refugees From Burkina Faso Registered – Ghana Refugees Board


The Ghana Refugee Board has disclosed that it has registered a total of 3200 immigrants from neighbouring Burkina Faso in a period of nine months.

According to the Executive Secretary of the Ghana Refugees Board, Tetteh Kwao Padi, although the situation calls for concern, his outfit continues to work with relevant security agencies to properly screen these refugees before admitting them into the country.

“What is happening more recently is that they have been staying in that area which is not good, security-wise. We work very closely with security agencies. Before we register any asylum seekers, they are cleared, and we know that it is safe for us to register them.

“We also do our own screening. Our registration officers are trained to look out for certain signals, and if we find anything untoward, we hand them over to the security agencies.

“But there are a lot more to be registered, and we are aware that well over a thousand need to be registered, so again, we will go through the process to make sure that anybody that we are registering is a bonafide refugee or asylum seeker,” he added.

At least 4,000 refugees from neighbouring Burkina-Faso have been forced out of the country by activities of violent extremists. They seek refuge in some parts of the Bawku West District of the Upper East Region.

The refugees moved to Ghana after some homes in Zoago, Bugri and Zabre, farming communities in Burkina Faso, including a police station, were attacked by terrorists believed to be jihadists, leading to loss of lives.

Many people, especially women and children, have been displaced, while others have sought asylum in other areas, including Ghana.

Housed in an uncompleted structure, these refugees are exposed to health hazards and depend solely on donated foodstuff from local residents or non-governmental organisations.