Wives Of Arrested Men In Gomoa Nyanyano Clash Plead For Release


A group of

women whose husbands have been arrested in connection with the clash between Ghetto boys and some police officers at Gomoa Nyanyano have appealed to the Regional Police Command to release their spouses, as they believe they are innocent.

It was reported that two police officers sustained injuries after they stormed the den of some suspected criminals to arrest them at Gomoa Nyanyano in the Gomoa East District of the Central Region on Sunday, May 4.

A team of police officers from the Intelligence Unit was hunting for some thieves who had robbed some inhabitants of Kasoa and were hiding out in Gomoa Nyanyano.

The police tracked them down to a den to make arrests after keeping an eye on their movements, but the suspects attacked the officers and left two of them hurt.

The altercation unfolded when officers from the criminal investigations department went to the Gomoa Nyanayano Ghetto to apprehend some wanted criminals they had been pursuing.

Upon their arrival at the Ghetto, the officers successfully apprehended four suspects.

However, in response, other Ghetto boys summoned additional members for support. During the ensuing conflict, the ghetto boys allegedly inflicted injuries upon two officers, but eight of the suspects were apprehended as the police also got reinforcements.

Wives of the arrested suspects have appealed to the regional Police command for the immediate release of their husbands, asserting their innocence in the matter.

Meanwhile, Zongo Chief of Gomoa Nyanyano, Saliki Issaka Giwa, implored landlords to conduct thorough background checks before renting out their property to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

He also called upon the residents of Gomoa Nyanyano to promptly report any individual found in possession of handcuffs to the police, in order to safeguard the community’s reputation.