A group of Gonja youth has besieged the residence of Yagbonwura Bii-Kunutu Jewu Soale, the Overlord of Gonja, demanding his intervention in the ongoing conflict between the Wasipe Traditional Area and a Mamprusi Chief over certain communities.

The youth insist that the Overlord should summon all Gonja warriors to Daboya to assist in resolving the dispute. The youth accused the government of complicity in the conflict, alleging that the presence of police and military personnel in Daboya has resulted in the arrest and mistreatment of Chiefs and youth, effectively turning the town into a ghost town. 

The conflict began on Thursday morning in Lukula when tensions between Gonjas and Mamprusis escalated over the ownership of the community. 

Tragically, the confrontation has already resulted in the loss of one life and the destruction of numerous homes. In response, Gonja chiefs from other Paramountcies have started mobilizing their warriors and are moving towards Daboya to show solidarity and potentially assist in resolving the dispute.

Meanwhile, Former President John Dramani Mahama has called for an urgent intervention of the Overlords of Mamprugu and Gonjaland and the Paramount Chiefs of the Soo and Wasipe Traditional Areas to restore calm and deploy time-tested traditional and peaceful means to resolve the dispute.

He also called on the Ministers for Chieftancy, National Security, Interior and Defence, and the North East & Savanna Regional Security Councils to take urgent steps to resolve the conflict and restore calm to the area.

Police Arrest Suspects in Violent Attacks

Meanwhile, the police have arrested some persons and are currently pursuing others in connection with the violent attacks on Mempeasem and Lukula communities. The police managed to rescue the kidnapped victim and retrieved one AK-47 weapon together with 14 rounds of ammunition, seven motorbikes and two bicycles from the scene of the incident.

A search for the suspects in the area led to a further retrieval of a bag containing 240 AK-47 ammunition. 

Calm has since been restored, and security has been strengthened in Daboya and its surrounding communities to forestall further attacks. Efforts are currently ongoing to get the perpetrators, including those who attacked the police station, arrested to face justice.

The police have arrested three persons and are currently pursuing others in connection with violent attacks on Mempeasem and Lukula communities in the Savannah Region by opposing factions in land and chieftaincy disputes.