The Director General of the Internal Audit Service, Dr. Oduro Osae, has raised concerns about how unfairly Ghanaian workers are being treated when it comes to salary payments.

According to him, employees should be paid based on their performance at work rather than their positions. He made this revelation on GTV’s Breakfast Show.

In recent times, most employees in Ghana are mostly paid based on their positions in the office and how well-educated they are, as well as the number of degrees or PhDs they have, but Dr. Oduro Osae disagrees with the trend, stating, “I see something happening across the public sector; supervisors themselves do not come to work early, so there is the trend that people in the public sector who have spent a number of years in the company must earn higher salaries, but there are certain jobs that are being executed by people, the risks are so high, they go to work early and they deliver, but because they haven’t been in the organisation for long, they earn very little”.

He continued, “I think we should consider paying people wages. We should disband the idea of paying people on a monthly basis because, in the UK and other countries, people run to work when it’s raining because they know they will be paid on an hourly basis.”

He concluded, “If we consider this, it will reduce corruption, excuses will be reduced, and productivity will increase.”