The youth of Zua in the Nabdam District of the Upper East Region are again calling on government to connect their community to the National Electricity grid. They say this is their second request in two years. The youth say they’ve exhausted all channels of communication regarding the lack of electricity in the area and are expecting the DCE to respond immediately and get them connected to electricity.

“We will march to the office of the DCE if we don’t hear anything in two weeks. The assembly is not helping us. They have taken us for granted. We cannot continue to live in this darkness,” a community member lamented.

The youth in the area say they are upset, frustrated, and feel neglected. When the media arrived in the community, the people were visibly upset and asked what use an election would be to them if their basic needs were not met. They say they are not happy that they have lived in darkness for far too long.

“Anytime it’s elections, they come and ask for our votes. We have been voting for more than 20 years now, but we continue to sleep in darkness. Why? We will not take part in any election if government does not give us electricity,” another angry youth cried.

There were some women who also blamed the surge in teenage pregnancies in the area on the lack of electricity. They say they need immediate answers and are ready to seek them from the office of the DCE if nothing is done about their situation.

Assembly Member of the Electoral Area, Mr. Bruce Burgoug, pleaded with authorities and other able bodies to prioritise the extension of the National Grid in the Zua community.

“This is the second time the youth has ganged against me on this electricity issue. We cannot do any business, brighten our education, or watch television programmes if there are no lights. We are still appealing to the District Assembly and central government to connect us to the National Electricity grid,” Hon. Bruce pleaded.

It was confirmed that the Zua Community has been very loyal in their tax obligations to develop the District. They engage in petty trading, farming, and mining activities to make a living. They, therefore, pray that government will respond swiftly to their predicament and help improve some economic activities in the area.