Dr. Samuel Sarong Ankrah, a Certified Economist and a Presidential hopeful for the 2024 elections in Ghana, asserts that he is uniquely qualified to handle the country’s volatile economy with respect to his experiences and observations as an economist.

Dr. Ankrah, an Investment Banker, Global Business Strategist, and Development Economist explained that, the level of mismanagement of the economy by both successive NDC and NPP governments has resulted in the country running to the International Monetary Fund for a bad seventeenth time in search for a bailout.

He made this statement during a virtual leadership summit with the Ghana Universities Journal on Sunday, May 21, 2023. Dr. Ankrah, who seeks to become the first independent candidate to ascend the presidential seat of Ghana mentioned that, the best brains to manage the affairs of Ghana are currently sitting on the fringes and not in governance, therefore they need to be brought on board, which he will do when he becomes President of Ghana.

According to the 2024 Presidential Hopeful, Ghana needs a systematic and pragmatic approach in attaining the best for its citizens. Rule of law, efficient government structures, and a structured and firm fight against corruption are the best ways to have an enabling Ghanaian environment, according to Dr. Ankrah.

He further called on the youth not to lose hope in the country, even though the current government has not created any alternative change to bring hope to the youth. He also urged them to be creative in all their thoughts and throw their weight behind his ten-point plan which will break the duopoly of NPP and NDC in the political and governance history of Ghana.