The death of a 14-year-old British national, who reportedly fell from the 4th floor of the dormitory at St. Peter’s Mission school at Ogbojo in the Adentan Municipality has raised concerns as the family suspects foul play.

The incident, according to school authorities, occurred at the school premises at about 12 midnight on Monday, May 15, and he was pronounced dead after being transported to the University of Ghana Medical Center (UGMC).

The family asserts that the medical team at the University of Ghana Medical Center reported the incident to the police, highlighting the absence of a police escort during the boy’s transportation to the facility.

A relative of the victim narrated that “On Tuesday, we received a call in the afternoon around 12 noon from the school authorities that we needed to come to the Legon Hospital that the boy is sick and so his stepfather went with the grandmother but upon arrival, the hospital authorities said the boy was already dead. The school authorities told a lie that the only relative of the boy was the grandmother who was sick and on admission. They opened the body bag for the grandmother to see, and she saw his leg swollen and a big cut under his armpit. We want the police to investigate the issue, and we are trusting them to do a diligent work to find out what actually killed the boy”.

Meanwhile, in an exclusive interview with Citi News, Moses Adu Gyima, the Proprietor of St. Peter’s Mission School stated that the boy had violated sleeping hours, causing disturbances by banging on doors on the fourth floor, and subsequently jumped out of the window.

“I was called on Tuesday by the boarding staff of the school and told me that a boy had fallen and was rushed to the school’s clinic for first aid and then rushed to the UGMC Hospital and… so we were hoping that everything will go on well, so we can have a very good story, but we were informed of the death of the victim and the police asked us to come with a relative of the victim.

“I was told the staff had gone out to find out the reason for the boy being hyper that night because they heard him banging on doors, and before they could come out, they heard a loud fall after the boy had disengaged a window and jumped.”

Reports confirm that the concerned family has since lodged a formal complaint at the British High Commission in Ghana and at the police headquarters.