Former President John Dramani Mahama says he will create a conducive environment under his tenure as the next president for anti-corruption institutions to deal with corrupt officials.

He contends that government officials will be discouraged from engaging in corrupt practices under his tenure.

Speaking to delegates at Lambussie in the Upper West Region, Mr. Mahama reiterated that corrupt individuals will be punished during the era of the next NDC government regardless of party affiliation.   

“It doesn’t matter whether you belong to our government or past governments, if you steal the people’s money we will deal with you. If elected as President, I will allow anti-corruption institutions to work. Nobody should come and call me to save them when they catch you. Any person whether in my government or outside my government or in the previous NPP government, if the anti-corruption institutions are dealing with you that is your business because we must save this country,” Mahama noted