This Sustainable Energy For All Action Plan is a nationwide sectoral document aiming at accelerating the sustainable access to clean modern energy for households and productive uses as a means of

  1. achieving accelerated growth that is shared through job creation and poverty reduction; and
  2. improving people’s living conditions, and contributes to economic and human development.

Main goals of the documentent are

  1. bring up underserved regions with access rates below the national average to the national average and even beyond through increased investment in electrification projects;
  2. develop productive uses of energy for activities that enhance income and welfare in the sectors of agriculture, rural enterprise, health and education; and
  3. develop and use renewable and energy resources to ensure Ghana’s energy security and also mitigate the negative climate change impact of energy production and use, as well as solve urban and peri-urban sanitation problems.

To achieve the goals, the following actions, among others, are recommended

  1. encourage the deployment of efficient charcoal stoves to households in Ghana, to reduce charcoal consumption and therefore alleviate the problems associated with its use (deforestation and high emissions of greenhouse gases);
  2. enhance fast distribution and delivery of LPG to consumers;
  3. promote and develop improved firewood stoves that have advantages of fuel savings and reduced indoor air pollution;
  4. reduce losses in energy supply and more efficient use of energy; and
  5. use byproducts/residues (crop residues and animal waste) for energy production.