This Act makes provision for the control of manufacturing and placing on the market of food and drugs in Ghana.

Part I of the Act deals with food: prohibition against sale of unwholesome poisonous or adultered food (sect. 1); standards of food (sect. 4); prohibition of food not of the nature, substance or quality demanded (sect. 5); supervision of food manufacturers (sect. 6); food unfit for human consumption declared an offence (sect. 8); closure of contaminated premises (sect. 10).

Part II concerns drugs. Part III, provides for the establishment of the Food and Drugs Board which shall operate under the Ministry of Health.

The Board shall advise the Secretary on all matters relating to administration and implementation of this Law. The Board may appoint committees, as it may deem necessary. Section 35 deals with inspection of slaughter animals, using powers detailed in section 36. The remaining provisions concern food analysis by a public analyst, obtaining of particulars of certain ingredients by the Board, offences, regulations, interpretation, etc. (51 sections completed by 2 Schedules).

This law was amended in 1996 to FOOD AND DRUGS (AMENDMENT) ACT 523 and later repealed and replaced in 2012 by the Public Health Act, 2012, Act 851