Ace DJ and radio personality, Andy Dosty, following his outburst at Shatta Wale has revealed that the artiste has apologised for disrespecting his mother on stage.

This came after an incident on Andy’s show, ‘Daybreak Hitz,’ where he expressed his anger towards a fan who asked why he wasn’t promoting Shatta Wale’s new album ‘Maali.’

Andy explained that Shatta Wale had insulted and spoken ill of his mother on stage, which was why he refused to promote the album.

“You want me to talk about it? An artiste that stands on stage and insults my mother and talks anyhow and foolishly to my mother, and you want me to what? If you don’t have sense, I do. If you don’t respect, don’t come here. The woman who gave birth to me has lived a good life and has a good place to live. That’s all I have said. I love my mother, and nobody, nobody… I won’t speak ill of anyone’s mother; she raised me well. You can fool around. The fooling is too much in this country.

“You will be sitting there, and they will want to come and sit here and say they want to promote their stuff. What do you want to promote? If that woman didn’t give birth to me, where would you know me from? Foolish guy,” he fumed with rage.

However, in a new twist to events, Andy has disclosed that Shatta has apologised to him over the phone.

In a discussion with Sally Mane and DJ Slim, Andy Dosty said Shatta reached out through someone, with whom he spoke for more than 50 minutes.

“All I can say is that we have spoken, he called a big man and that person called me. He channeled the apology through someone and we spoke for more than 50 minutes. He also expressed some of my actions he didn’t like. Even my mother called and said we are brothers so we shouldn’t let this go far,” he said.

Andy, however, emphasized that although they had spoken, the issue won’t be trashed just like that.

“He has spoken to me. Shatta Wale has spoken to me. He has apologized but that isn’t all. I won’t let go just like that,” he added.

Earlier at a concert held in Takoradi on February 4, 2023, Shatta Wale hurled insults at Abeiku Santana and Andy Dosty who were present at the event.

Shatta accused the two media personalities of consistently being biased towards him and also belittling his works.

The dancehall artiste paused during his performance and said some persons including Andy Dosty and Abeiku Santana have resorted to countering his unbreakable record of featuring on Beyonce’s track with Sarkodie’s Bob Marley feature.

The dancehall artiste, while addressing the audience, hurled insults at the two media personalities and insulted their mothers.