A young police officer is reportedly the subject of an investigation for allegedly firing a warning shot over a bush meat in Kumawu, which is located in the Sekyere Kumawu District of the Ashanti Region of Ghana. According to the myjoyonline report, the officer was conducting highway patrol work between Effiduase and Kumawu when he observed some hunters returning from hunting.
According to the report, the decision of the local police officer known as “Abodwese” to take a rat carcass from the hunters led to a misunderstanding. They refused to give the rat to the officer because it appeared to be their only catch for the day.
Nana Sarpong, an eyewitness, said that the hunters stopped the officer from taking the meat and he fired a warning shot to get them scared. After firing the warning shot, he struck one of the hunters once more with the back of his gun, he told LUV News.
In a video that has since gone viral, the situation came to an end with a fight. In his uniform, the officer could be seen fighting the hunters. Additionally, he could be heard shouting for assistance from one of his coworkers.
According to the information available, the Effiduase Divisional Police Command has since taken the hunters into custody. Investigations have since been jump-started to figure out the conditions that prompted the fight.