Management of Gbeogo School for the Deaf appeals for support to fight recurring yeast infection


The management of Gbeogo School for the Deaf, which is located in the Talensi District of the Upper East Region, is appalled by the persistent yeast infections that affect the school’s female students.

With over 100 girls enrolled, the school only has two small bathrooms, making it difficult for them to prepare for classes in a short amount of time.

The school’s officials say that at least 20 girls report yeast infections each term. Many of the girls get the infections more than once per term because the enclosed restrooms are too small for the number of girls.

A common condition is a vaginal yeast infection, also known as candidiasis. Bacteria and some yeast cells can be found in a healthy vagina. However, yeast cells are able to multiply when there is a shift in the balance of bacteria and yeast. Irritation, swelling, and itchiness result from this.

Vaginal yeast diseases have a typical arrangement of side effects, for example, vaginal tingling enlarging around the vagina, consuming during pee or sex, torment during sex, touchiness, redness, and rashes

Some likewise have whitish-yellow and clumpy vaginal release.

Addressing Dreamz News uninvolved of the gift of sterile cushions by helper a’ la Vulnerabillite’ to young ladies of the school, Collaborator Senior House Paramour of the School, Awudu Munira spoke to individuals from general society to come to the guide of the young ladies by building a washroom for the young ladies.

She explains that some parents abuse their children and that some assemblies also fail to pay for their children’s welfare benefits.

“If they can help us get an open bathroom, the majority of them come to complain about yeast infections. According to statistics, approximately 20 girls treat yeast infections each term, and many of them keep getting infected because the bathrooms are so small.

We have over 100 girls and only two small bathrooms. Sometimes we don’t have enough detergent for them to wash the bathrooms every time. Therefore, it continues to occur, and we appeal to individuals and organizations to assist us,” she pleaded.