The construction of a brand-new Bongo market known as the "Jubilee market" began in 2007 under the leadership of then-president J A Kuffour. The existing Bongo market is a few miles away from the structures. It is in front of the Bongo Goil filing station, which is next to the ancestral graves closer to Salibga's house. There are sixty stores, forty sheds, an abattoir, and a day care center in the market. Sadly, the project wasn't finished when Prez Kuffour left office. On January 26, 2016, a modernghana post said that the "Bongo District Assembly" intervened and gave the new market a huge sum of GHc100,000 to build a toilet and a mechanized borehole. This to the assembly will assist in reducing open urination. Hon. Alexis Ayamdoo, the DCE at the time, gave the site to the contractor.
       I took my time and went to the market project, and I almost wept. The majority of the stores' doors are currently broken, and many of them have miraculously vanished. Unknown individuals remove plywood used by the contractor as the abattoir's ceiling and take it away. There are currently no window frames, plumbing, or wires. The doors, window frames, and wires of the day care center have been broken and taken away. The occasional weighty rains and twist additionally ensured that the material sheets of the designs are destroyed. It is evident that the substantial investment in this project has been completely wasted. Some landowners received compensation in addition to the cost of the construction. Who should be held accountable for this abandoned project is the big question.
  I quickly contacted the former DCE, Hon. Alexis Ayamdoo, who informed me that the assembly did indeed provide funds and a site for the toilet project, totaling GHc 100,000, to construct a toilet facility and a mechanized borehole, but that Prez J A Kuffour had already begun the market project prior to his appointment. He went on to say that the facility was not given to him before he left office, so he is unaware of what transpired afterward.

Residents of the area are extremely concerned about the condition of the market and the dangers that come with it. Some opportunists are using the abandoned buildings for their sexual activities, and others steal from them, especially at night. As a result, I appeal to all relevant bodies, including the District Assembly, our Member of Parliament, the Supreme Chief, NGOs, and other stakeholders, to intervene and revive the defunct project. In order for the project to be commissioned and commercial activities to begin, it needs to be renovated and given to the assembly.