Following the alleged killing of a soldier over the weekend, some soldiers reportedly stormed the Ashaiman neighborhood of Taifa on Tuesday morning, forcing the area into a self-imposed curfew. Over the weekend, a mob in Ashaiman reportedly killed the soldier.

After the incident, social media users shared pictures and videos of the aforementioned soldier. According to some reports, a gang attacked him and stabbed him. According to reports, the soldier was on his way to his family’s house. Reaction of soldiers On March 7, 2023, at dawn, a group of about twenty alleged soldiers stormed the area.

They reportedly beat people as they questioned anyone they encountered. Because they feared being beaten by the soldiers, this forced people to lock themselves in their homes. On social media, some witnesses have shared their experiences. Some claimed to have seen the soldiers at around 2 a.m.

One person claimed that when he awoke around 4 a.m., he found that the area, which was typically bustling with shops opening at that time, was still very quiet. When he got out, he saw some soldiers on the stretch, but there were no moving vehicles, so he assumed it was because of the rain.

He rushed back into the house as soon as he saw soldiers approaching and locked the gate. He claimed that his brother later informed him that he awoke earlier and observed other people being beaten by soldiers. He stated, “My mother owns a shop by the roadside. It should have opened by now, but all shops are still closed.

” He claimed to have witnessed male passengers being dragged out of stopped vehicles and beaten, and that some of the soldiers had reportedly declared, “You people kill our colleague.”

According to another eyewitness, the aforementioned soldiers knocked on doors and allegedly slapped anyone who came out. Apparently, the area’s Assemblyman sent out a message telling people to stay off certain roads. He claimed to have counted at least 20 armed soldiers on foot.

What took place when the alleged soldier was killed by a mob?

Over the weekend, there were a variety of responses to the incident of the mob killing the soldier. The young soldier had allegedly been attacked by a gang while on his way to his home, according to some.

He had been allegedly killed by the mob, according to some. The victim’s lifeless body was depicted in photos from the scene in what appeared to be torn military camouflage pants. His face had been covered with a white cloth and his military cap. Additionally, his military-themed bag was lying close to the body. The incident has not yet been discussed with the Ghana Police or Armed Forces of Ghana.