Edward Bawa Warns EC Chairperson Over New CI


Edward Abambire Bawa, a Bongo MP, has warned Electoral Commission Chair Jean Adukwei Mensa not to act in a way that could lead to anarchy in the country.

The MP claims that the EC’s insistence on the Ghana card as the only means by which new voters can be added to the voter register has the potential to disenfranchise a large number of Ghanaians in the 2024 election.

Speaking on the floor of Parliament on Tuesday, February 28, 2023, the legislator mentioned a similar incident in Côte d’Ivoire, where some people were separated from their citizenship and caused havoc.

Mr. Bawa warned that Mrs. Adukwei Mensa would be solely responsible for a war in Ghana if the EC’s actions led to one.

Concerning elections, consensus is essential, Mr. Speaker. We are just by Côte d’Ivoire here. Côte d’Ivoire faced difficulties as a result of laws passed to give the impression that others were not citizens.

“This country was intact when Afari Gyan handed it over to Charlotte, and Charlotte gave it to you.” Because of this, it will fall on your head if this country goes to war,” he warned sharply.

Speaking on the Parliament floor at the same time, Edward Bawa was urged to withdraw by Speaker Alban Bagbin, who was unhappy with the statement.

He also criticized Kobina Tahir Hammond, an Adansi Asokwa MP and Minister-designate for Trade and Industry, for responding to the minister’s remarks in a way that was unworthy of an Honourable.
“You have already gone to war with your actions. The way you reacted and how you raised all your fingers, you’ve called for war already. Your colleague the Hon. Deputy minister of Finance objected to the comments but didn’t do it the manner you did,” he told KT Hammond.

The former Nadowli West MP from the 1st to the 7th Parliament insisted Mr. Bawa withdraws his words as well as KT Hammond’s actions.

Before the debate could proceed, the two MPs subsequently withdrew their respective statements and actions.

Jean Adukwei Mensa, Chair of the Electoral Commission, Prof. Kenneth Attafuah, Chief Executive of the National Insurance Authority, and Finance Minister Kenneth Nana Yaw Ofori-Atta appeared before the House to discuss the laying of a Constitutional Instrument as the sole document for registration for the 2024 elections, as well as issues regarding the issuance of the Ghana card and monies owed to the NIA by the state, respectively.