Professor Yam Gyampo has offered a response to some allegations by Professor Ken Attafuah on news file and on peace fm today

Read his full statement as posted on his facebook page below

Dear Prof Ken Attafuah,

I heard you say on Peace FM this morning that I have articulated a certain weird perception of some people, which to your mind, shouldn’t have been articulated. I am quite disappointed. You said this on Newsfile and I thought it was a little indiscretion on your part that I could allow to slide. But you repeated it this morning and that is why I will offer a very polite response, because of the long standing relationship I have had with you, going back to our days at the IEA.

Prof Attafuah, you know the journey one travels to get to the professorial class. We do research and listen to the views of our respondents on issues. Some of the views of our respondents may be weird perceptions, but we don’t discount such so-called weird views. We put in recommendations to address such concerns to build trust.

The NIA that you head, currently suffers a severe trust deficit partly because of the perception in the minds of some people I have personally spoken to that, the Authority seem to be working well in some strongholds and deliberately deficient in other strongholds.

This may be factual or inaccurate and as researcher, I only sought to articulate it as one of the factors undermining public trust in your NIA whose activities you publicly defend and whose challenges, you privately share on many occasions.

The perception I articulated may not make sense to you, but what you fail to know and appreciate is the fact that conflicts are oftentimes not caused by what is sensible. They are sometimes caused by mere perceptions.

I respectfully expect you to work to address such perceptions to deal with the trust deficit. For, eloquence in defense and eloquence in being dismissive only serves to provide a veneer that cover challenges which when not properly addressed, can serve as a recipe for implosion and democratic relapse.

I am a Citizen and not a spectator. I will speak my mind about such things that have the potency to disturb our peace. It is in my interest to do so and nothing would stop me.

Thank you.

Yaw Gyampo
A31, Prabiw
PAV Ansah Street

Suro Nipa House