Frances Awurabena Essiam of Cylinder Manufacturing Company Limited has said that Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, the Energy Minister, is to blame for her decision to quit the company.

According to Madam Essiam, the Energy Minister has made it hard for her to run the business.

She also claimed that the Minister is hindering Ghana Cylinder Manufacturing Company Limited’s and another state-owned business’s current acquisition processes.

Madam Essiam claimed in an interview with Citi FM’s Eyewitness News that she honorably resigned from the company in order to let the Energy Minister have his way.

“I resigned honorably because there is a problem with an acquisition that is going on between Ghana Cylinder and another state agency.” Although the Minister for Energy is aware of the issue, he engaged in conversation with me about the acquisition by one company as opposed to the other. I was surprised because if you are the Minister and have all communication and have failed to call the companies to the table, then I will resign so that the Minister can go and do whatever he wants over there.”

She also claimed that strange engagements had been put on hold as a result of the Energy Minister’s determination to impede the acquisition process.

“I said if that is what is going on, then I have to resign,” I said. “I was also hearing that the arrangement being made was put on hold.”

She also claimed that Mr. Opoku Prempeh had obstructed the president’s decision to appoint her as CEO of GETFund and had repeatedly shown his disdain for her.

“The president said I tried to put you in GETFund, but the then-Minister of Education said he couldn’t work with me because he wasn’t compatible with me,”

On Thursday, February 23, 2023, Madam Genevieve Sackey took over as the company’s MD after Madam Frances Awurabena Essiam resigned.