Three new members have joined the Ghana Federation of Disability Organizations (GFD), the umbrella organization for disability organizations in Ghana.

The Special Mother’s Project, an advocacy and awareness-raising program for cerebral palsy and issues affecting families raising disabled children, is one of the new members, along with the Disability Not Inability Foundation and the Centre for Employment of Persons with Disabilities (CEPD).

They are now eligible to join as associate members.

There are two types of membership in the GFD: specifically, associate members and actual members.

A person with a particular type of disability must be a member of that organization in order to be considered an actual member. Additionally, the organization must have democratic structures in place, including a constitution.

As an associate member, an organization that works for people with disabilities but does not meet the aforementioned requirements may be admitted.

The admission of the three was decided at the GFD’s 2022 Annual General Meeting on December 15 in Accra, and the new members were informed this week.

Later, a program of orientation will be held to fully integrate the new federation members.