There is no record that Ablakwa was served with Court order – High Court Judge


Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, the Member of Parliament for North Tongu, was not, as was suggested, served with a contempt procedure, according to an Accra High Court ruling.

The court noted that the records before it do not suggest that the MP was served at a hearing on Tuesday, February 21, 2023, following the filing of charges of contempt against the MP by the Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the National Cathedral, Kwabena Adu Gyamfi, alias Victor Kusi Boateng.

This is in response to suggestions that Mr. Ablakwa ejected documents from Mr. Kusi Boateng that were served on him by a bailiff at Metro TV on February 3, 2023, following a Good Morning Ghana show.

Rev. Kusi Boateng’s motion for contempt stated that Ablakwa did not provide concrete reasons for rejecting the document. It also stated that the MP disregarded the court by posting copies of the court order to social media.

However, the court stated in its Tuesday judgment that Ablakwa, the respondent, had neither been served nor given an order to be served.

The judge, Charles Gyamfi Danquah, says that documents that Ablakwa got from social media cannot be used as a court writ.

“The respondent has not been served with any contempt procedure, and the court has also not made any order for such a process,” according to the records before this court. The sitting judge stated, “What learned counsel for the respondent obtained from social media or from learned counsel for the applicant cannot be taken as service of the contempt processes.”

As a result, the court ordered that the respondent be served with notices regarding the contempt charge.

Since then, the case has been put on hold sine die so that the respondent can be served properly.

Regarding Ablakwa’s restraining order, Rev. Victor Kusi Boateng, also known as Kwabena Adu Gyamfi, secretary to the board of trustees of the National Cathedral of Ghana, obtained an interim injunction against Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, Member of Parliament for North Tongu.

Okudzeto Ablakwa is prohibited by the order from making any Kwabena Adu Gyamfi documents available to the public.

In a tweet published on February 3, 2023, the legislator said that he was given the order after appearing on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana that same day.

“One Kwabena Adu Gyamfi likewise professing to have a moniker as Victor Kusi Boateng has gotten a 10-day limiting request trying to prevent me from additional distributions on the Irreconcilable circumstance and Twofold Personality Outrage,” portions of the MP’s tweet read.

The following is a picture of the order that the MP was served: The 1″ Respondent, SAMUEL OKUDZETO ABLAKWA, is ordered to refrain from making any further public disclosures of the Applicant (Adu Gyamfi)’s private documents, correspondence, and property.

In addition, it stated, “IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that this interim order will lapse after ten (10) days.”

Background Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, Member of Parliament for North Tongu, made the most recent corruption expose on the National Cathedral, claiming that Rev. Victor Kusi Boateng, secretary to the Board of Trustees of the National Cathedral of Ghana, acted improperly.

Rev. Kusi Boateng, who serves as secretary to the Board of Trustees of the National Cathedral of Ghana, was the subject of a number of allegations made by the MP on January 16, 2023.

Okudzeto Ablakwa said in a previous revelation about the National Cathedral that a company called JNS Talent Centre Limited received a whopping GH2.6 million.

Kwabena Adu Gyamfi was found to be a director of JNS Talent Centre after additional investigations into the alleged payment.

After confirming the identities of two of the center’s three directors, Ablakwa investigated further to identify Kwabena Adu Gyamfi, the third director.

Using a number of statutory documents as sources, he concluded that Kwabena Adu Gyamfi was the same person as Reverend Kusi Boateng, who is alleged to have conducted business under the alias Kwabena Adu Gyamfi.