Let this be your last time – Mamprugu Traditional Council warns government


The Government has been harshly criticized by the Mamprugu Traditional Council for what it views as a “Rambo-style” attempt to detain Naa Bohagu Mahami Abdulai Sheriga, the Mambrugu Overlord.

The Council asserts that the Nayiri alone have the right to enskin chiefs in the kingdom and would not tolerate any interference from the government.

“Before the colonial period and the establishment of modern Ghana, the Nayiri had the authority to select and enskin chiefs for the Bawku skin. The Mamprugu Traditional Council stated in a statement that “this authority of HRM, the Nayiri, to select and enskin a chief for the good people Bawku is not shared with any government or group of individuals.”

According to reports, military personnel tasked with carrying out the High Court’s order to detain Naa Bohagu Mahami Abdulai Sheriga, a Nayiri from the Mamprugu Traditional Area, were thwarted by a group of irate Nalerigu youth.

Additionally, the establishment of a brand-new Bawku Naaba in Nalerigu had been declared illegal by the government.

However, the Traditional Council expressed shock at the turn of events in its statement.

“The bizarre events that occurred from Sunday, February 19, 2023, to Monday, February 20, 2023, are also taken into consideration.” In order to carry out instructions in a fictitious Bolgatanga warrant for the arrest of the Nayiri and the Bawku Naaba, four military armored vehicles led by a pick-up truck entered Nalegiru, the capital of the North East regional government.

The Council demanded that the government apologise and retract its statement regarding the development and condemned the attempted arrest.

“It is unbelievable that such a Rambo-like act could be committed against the Mamprugu Kingdom King, who is the most deserving individual. We object to this and hope that this is the last time our king is disrespected in this manner by this government.

It went on to say, “We further demand an unconditional apology and a public withdrawal of the statement issued by the Minister of Information.”

Prior to the paramount chief’s enskinnment, Lieutenant Colonel Ajibadeck Benjamin Baba (Rtd) had requested that the Bolgatanga High Court issue an arrest warrant for him and his kingmakers.

The Bolgatanga High Court revoked the arrest warrant a few days later.

As a consequence of this, the court amended the previous ex parte motion, which is now referred to as “hereby rescinded under the inherent jurisdiction of the High Court.”

The chief’s arrest was rumored to be connected to the illegal and condemned enskining of a new chief for Bawku, Naa Alhaji Seidu Abagre, on February 15 at the Mamprugu overlord’s palace.