3 unit classroom block turns death trap at Zorkor – Kanga.

The state of a 3-unit classroom block at Zorkor – Kanga primary school has become uncondusive for students to use as half of it is down completely.

According to a teacher at the school who refused to reveal his identity, the students in that building are only protected by God and the least mistake will be a calamity for the community.

He went on to say that no teacher in his right sense will be glad teaching in a building with a high risk of collapse.

According to him, the students that occupy that facility are not controllable.

“The nature of the building has turned the students into stubborn children because they sit in class while seeing everything happening outside, they turn to concentrate more on what happens outside than what happens in the classroom. Whenever a vehicle is passing by, they will have to finish watching the vehicle before you continue, sometimes, they will even run outside to see what is happening”.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with during a visit to the school on Thursday 2nd February, 2023, the Assistant Headteacher of the school Mr. Emmanuel Akurugu indicated that the school would have wished that the facility was put out of use.

“It is not in our interest to keep students in that facility, the school has four separate buildings, one is completely weak and more risky than any other building, one is used for the KG students, the third one is used for the upper primary students and the fourth one is the one that we are talking about, that one has one side of it broken down but it is even stronger than the one we have abandoned.”

“It is risky for both students and teachers but we have no option, that building is the very first facility of the school, it was a pavilion before it was later build with blocks, I sat there as a student when I was a child, it is very old.”

He added that the facility became very weak in 2016 and so the school authority called a meeting with the community to find a way out, the outcome of that engagement was to break down the portion that was so weak in other to sustain the other part that was a bit strong with the hope that the assembly would do something about it.

“The fortunate aspect is that, the situation would have been worse but the assembly built the block that houses the upper primary students in 2019 otherwise the school would have been a mess”, he added.
He went on to say that the school is in dire need of a new block to take away the risk of housing the lower primary students in a weakening facility.