Metro TV gives its side of the story concerning Ablakwa’s leaked video.

The producer of the Good Morning show on Metro TV Annie Afua Ampofo has cleared the air on allegations leveled against the outfit as being the source of a video circulating in which Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa purportedly kicked away a document presented to him by a Court Bailiff.

According to the producer who was hosting the show in place of Dr. Randy Abbey, which was monitored by, Metro TV knows nothing about the video.
“Some people are alleging that it was metro TV who recorded and leaked the video, I want to state here that the video was not recorded by Metro TV but some of my guys who witnessed the incident, told me that the video was recorded by a gentleman who was standing by”

She also spoke about her failure to protect Hon. Ablakwa since the incident happened at the premises of Metro TV.
“I want to Apologise to Hon. Ablakwa for not being there for him, as the producer of the show, those who appear on the show are under my care until they leave but what happened was that Ablakwa was attending to an exclusive interview so I went back into the studio to do something before the whole incident took place”.

She added that they are still not able to discover the identity of the Bailiff because Ablakwa said he didn’t introduce himself.

This conversation came at the back of a Court injunction secured by Rev. Kusi Boateng baring Hon. Ablakwa from further discussing his issues for the next ten days from the day when he was served.

Hon. Okudzeto Ablakwa has been exposing a series of unpalatable information about the National Cathedral with the recent one being an alleged dual identity of the secretary to the National Cathedral Secretariat Rev. Kusi Boateng who then secured a Court injection against Hon. Ablakwa not to discuss the issue any further.

From what we have gathered so far, the purported Bailiff brought the injunction to the premises of Metro TV to serve the lawmaker who purportedly refused to be served with the excuse that he was on his way to parliament and so he should be served through the speaker of parliament according to the law.

The supposed Bailiff then threw the document at him which fell by his car and Ablakwa then allegedly kicked it away and drove off.