NIA should expect a full-scale parliamentary probe – Hon. Ablakwa on Rev. Kusi Boateng’s double Ghana Card saga


The National Identification Authority (NIA) must explain to Ghanaians how a popular prophet arrived at their registration premises as Rev. Victor Kusi Boateng but was mysteriously issued a Ghana Card bearing the name Kwabena Adu Gyamfi.

Having concluded a rare and comprehensive analysis of the NIA database, I can authoritatively disclose that the biometrics (fingerprint mapping, facial templates and iris recognition) of Rev. Victor Kusi Boateng matches that of Kwabena Adu Gyamfi. (See extract attached).

Curiously, the Kwabena Adu Gyamfi Ghana Card with Personal Identification Number: GHA-718578189-2 was issued by the same government only 6 months after the government’s flagship National Cathedral of Ghana was incorporated with Rev. Victor Kusi Boateng registered as an Executive Council Member/Director. For clarity: the National Cathedral of Ghana was incorporated on 18th July, 2019 with the name Rev. Victor Kusi Boateng, subsequently Kwabena Adu Gyamfi received his Ghana Card from the same government on 15th January, 2020. This is quite similar to the diplomatic passport saga.

Inexplicably, the date of birth on the Kwabena Adu Gyamfi Ghana Card is 30th December, 1969. A most puzzling development because Rev. Victor Kusi Boateng claims to be born on the 7th of September, 1971. His family, congregation and fellow pastors across the world celebrate his birthday every 7th September. (See evidence from his Facebook page attached).

Indeed, on the 7th of September, 2021 — he hosted a lavish 50th birthday party and had Ghana’s Vice President, Dr. Bawumia and his wife Samira, Ghana’s Foreign Minister, Hon. Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey, National Cathedral Executive Director, Dr. Paul Opoku-Mensah and other prominent Ghanaians in attendance. (See Photos of this which are still available on Rev. Kusi Boateng’s Facebook page).

A considerable number of Ghanaian footballers have been infamously known to have the quintessential football age, however, this appears to be the first time Ghanaians are being confronted with a pastoral age.

If I may add, and at the risk of appearing blasphemous, it seems the Kusi Boateng—Adu Gyamfi conundrum attempts to rival the biblical story of Melchisedec who we are told in Hebrews 7:3 had no parents, no beginning and no end.

Many difficult questions arise: what is the true date of birth of Rev. Victor Kusi Boateng/Kwabena Adu Gyamfi? Is he 51 or 53? Why has he consistently both in the past and in the present maintained a dual identity? Why has he deceived multiple government institutions and his Christian followers for this long? Why did he have to erect this criminal edifice for such a long time? What really is his grand agenda?

Clearly, even the Mafia, the Sinaloa Cartel and the Yakuza would be envious of the incredible exploits of Kusi Boateng—Adu Gyamfi.

The latest Ghana Card revelation makes me even more fortified in my conviction that the scandalous transfer of a colossal GHS2.6million of the taxes of suffering Ghanaians to Rev. Victor Kusi Boateng/Kwabena Adu Gyamfi’s ubiquitous JNS Talent Centre Limited by the National Cathedral Secretariat for so-called “Contractors Mobilization” deserves to be thoroughly investigated and the obvious putrefying conflict of interest unraveled by CHRAJ. I still have confidence that CHRAJ will do a great job.

When CHRAJ is done, trust us to pursue the other criminal aspects of this shocking Kusi Boateng—Adu Gyamfi dual identity catastrophe.

The other cathedral tax money diversions including the GHS28.2million to shonky Cary Summers of the Nehemiah Group would be vigorously pursued and retrieved.

This latest Kusi Boateng—Adu Gyamfi Ghana Card revelation calls to question the credibility of the entire national identification exercise, particularly after the recent embarrassing Aisha Huang affair. The NIA should expect a full scale parliamentary probe when the august House resumes next week.

It is the sloppiness and or complicity of state institutions that emboldens certain characters to entrench their sophisticated conflict of interest machinations.

I should also emphasize that since Rev. Victor Kusi Boateng/Kwabena Adu Gyamfi has stubbornly refused to resign from the National Cathedral Board of Trustees despite overwhelming evidence of his transgressions and despite an avalanche of resignation demands from many Ghanaians including the clergy; and considering that President Akufo-Addo has equally refused to sack his favorite appointee and confidant from the Board — the good people of Ghana should be rest assured that Demon Investigations shall return with more damning revelations on demonic conducts in the dark which Ephesians 5:11 admonishes all of us to duly expose.

For God and Country.

Ghana First 🇬🇭