Independence Party With Adlia On The Breast Mountain


Independence Party with Adlia on the Breast Mountain is a three-day event designed to promote domestic tourism amongst Ghanaians in general.

The idea is to provide adventure, fun and entertainment, all on one platform, as part of activities marking Ghana’s 66th Independence Anniversary celebrations in the Oti Region.

As Miss UNi Intl 2022 1st Runner-Up, Adlia’s mission is to help address some challenges facing some local tourist attraction centres across the country through the promotion of domestic tourism among the general populace.

Adlia Lilian Ama Owusu – Miss UNi Intl 2022 – 1st Runner-Up

Adlia intends to sensitize the entire populace about some tourist sites in various parts of Ghana and to encourage them to patronize them using Events, Television and Social Media.

In line with her mission of promoting domestic tourism in Ghana, Adlia decided to embark on this project titled Independence Party with Adlia on the Breast Mountain.

The main goal is to create awareness about the existence of the Breast Mountain located at the Kyabobo National Park, Nkwanta – Oti Region.


  1. Create awareness about the various tourism potentials of the park and others within the region
  2. Offer the opportunity to the hospitality sector to showcase their products and services

Target Group:

Generally, the event which is the first of its kind in the Region expected to attract over 5,000 people over the three-day period to participate in the event.

  • Exhibitors – Local food and drinks manufacturers and dealers
  • Youth – Schools, Church-based Youth Groups & Associations, Social Clubs etc.
  • Adults –Religious Group including Men’s & Women’s Fellowship, Corporate Organizations, Traders Associations, Professional Groups as well as members of the general public etc.

Date: Friday 4th – Monday 6th March 2023


Camping (Day & Night): This is for groups and individuals who love to experience both day and night adventure on the park, with tents and mattresses available for rent at very affordable prices. Camping activities include Film Shows (Movie-Nights), Barbeque and Borne fire,

Indigenous local Food and Drinks Bazaar

Sales of Indigenous local foods and drinks including Fufu, Banku, Akple, Waakye, Rice Abolo, Yaka Yake, Palmine Pito, Brukina, Sobolo, Asaana, Ice Cream, Atsomo, Ayigbe Biscuits, etc.

Hiking: Trip to Breast Mountain

The Breast Mountain is one the most fantastic and wonderful natural tourist attractions and monuments found in the Nkwanta South District of the Oti Region in Ghana today.

Though it is one of the less highlighted tourist sites in the country, the Breast Mountain is truly a wonderful place everyone would love to see. It is called the breast mountain because it appears like the human or female breast.

The Breast Mountain affords visitors the opportunity to view the spectacular and stunning plains, and sometimes the Volta basin during clear weather from this vantage peak. The scenes along the hike is wonderful and the forest is peaceful.

A journey to the Breast Mountain covers a total distance of 7km in-and-out. It is a 3.5 km starting from the parking area (a school yard in Odome) to the lookout point on the “left breast” cleverly named “Nipple Rock” and back to same point. The water falls is another fantastic tourist attraction monument that people will have the opportunity to visit.

You can be sure of the services of very professional Tour Guides ready and willing to take you through your journey right from start to end.

Fun Festival – Fun Games I Armwrestling Competition I Music I Entertainment

Music & Entertainment: There will be live stage performances by invited artistes including musicians, dancers and comedians as well as cultural music and dance performances by the Adele Olila Cultural Troupe to provide additional entertainment.

The event is organized with support from under its Tour Ghana Project in Partnership with Bingles Associates Intl, with support from other agencies.

Donors: Dadaga Spot-Nkwnta,,