Adele Olila Cultural Troupe


Adele Olila Cultural Troupe is arguably the best traditional music and dance group within the Oti Region.

The group which was founded by Megasu Yaw Enoch about five years ago and formally inaugurated on the 1st July 2018, is based in Nkwanta South Municipality.

Adele Olila specializes in the performance of Atrikpe, Ajatogbe, and Ojege, which are traditional dances attributed to the people of Adele in the Oti Region.

Because it is noted to be the best within the Oti region, they are usually engaged to perform at many social and corporate programs within the region including funerals, weddings as well as political campaign programs.

The group was chosen to represent the region during the National Farmers Day celebrations held at Cape Coast from the 29th of November to the 3rd of December 2021 in the central region of Ghana.

in all the group is made up of about 50 members but performs with between 20 to 30 members depending on the program

Contact Adele Olila Cultural Troup on 0246 482 406 to book them for a performance at your funerals as well as other corporate and social events. They are also available for features in music videos and movies.