Ghana Police Service Rejects Zorkor Police Station For Not Meeting Standard


Security they say is paramount in every society and is one of the most pressing needs of every individual.

It is on this note that the constitution of Ghana made provisions for the existence and effective operations of security agencies across the length and breadth of the country.
It is on this note that the Ghana Police Service exists to protect lives and properties in every community.

The presence of the Ghana Police service in society causes fear in criminals and helps to combat crime hence the desire for every community to have a police station or post.

Despite this trend, a completed police station structure has been abandoned to rot and become a den for animals at Zorkor, a suburb of Bongo District in the Upper East Region.

The increase in crime and the larger nature of the said community followed by the people crying for a police station compelled Bongo District Assembly to put up the structure in the year 2012.
Though the structure was completed and ready for use, it has never been operational since its completion.
In a meeting between the Ghana Police Service led by Upper East Regional Commander, DCOP Mr. Lomotey together with the Bongo District Commander, Superintendent Peter, and the Chiefs and Elders of the Community on Thursday, 18th January 2023, the Chiefs in a unanimous decision, pleaded on the regional commander to look into the security issues affecting the community.

The Leadership of the Ghana Police Service promised to do something about the situation but also encouraged the resident to desist from shielding criminals.
They also inspected the abandoned structure which had its doors, windows, ceiling, and other interior structures broken and torn off before leaving the place.

In an exclusive interview with Hon. Samuel Addo, the Assemblyman of the Goo electoral area, he disclosed that the structure was rejected by the District Police Service, stating that the District Assembly did not involve them in the planning of the facility and so the structure did not meet the standard of the Police Service.
“they said it didn’t meet their standard, they also said that since there is no accommodation attached, they cannot put people in the cell and leave them alone to be there”.
He added that a place was rented closer to the facility for the Police but they still rejected it with the same excuse.
Some members of the community also stated that they compelled a woman who was putting up her building by the Police station to give the structure to the assembly to be used as an accommodation for the Police, the woman agreed and left the structure for the Assembly but they failed to complete it for the police.
The Chiefs, Elders, Assemblymen, and Youth of the community made a passionate appeal to the Assembly and Ghana Police Service to work hand in hand for the improvement of security in the areas.