Passengers who board a bus from the O.A. Travel and Tour company from Kumasi to Bolga on the night of Saturday, 14th January 2023, have condemned the company in anger.

According to a section of the passengers, the company buses have become weak and need to be replaced.

This and other condemnations started when the tire of the second bus broke down along the Kintampo stretch of the road. The incident caused a metal from one of the seats to cut the leg of one of the passengers leaving him wounded.

Even though the gentleman got wounded on the bus, the drivers could not do anything to sustain the injury since there was no First Aid Toolkit on the bus to even dress the wound.

This caused some passengers to unleash their anger on the company lamenting the fact that the drivers never showed concern even when they noticed the incident but were rather concerned about their bus.

“The driver is not serious at all, he didn’t even show care for the wounded passenger but were only busy with their bus” a passenger lamented.
Some of the passengers that had sanitizers and tissue papers used them to sustain the injury.

Our checks also revealed that a section of the passengers boarded a bus from the same company when they were traveling from Bolga to Kumasi on the 12th of January 2023 for a program and the bus broke down on the way keeping them for several hours on the road without getting a different means for them.

The passengers added that “even when we pleaded with the bus to give us a token from our transport fares to get ‘trotro’ bus to continue our journey since they were not getting us a different bus in time, the driver declined our plea, we used our monies to pick a ‘trotro’ bus to Kumasi”.

” How can an O.A. bus be traveling without even a First Aid box?” One of the passengers questioned.

Now we are asking, is the O.A. Travel and Tour collapsing? Has the company deviated from its principles of operations and discipline? Why has the company now decided not to add details of the bus numbers and the location and destination on the bus tickets?


Your answer may be as good as mine.

The passengers however are calling on the road safety department of Ghana to look into the company’s activities.