Unique Mining Group Suspends Mr. Robert Boazor over alleged fraudulent activities


The Unique Mining Group has unanimously suspended Robert Boazor from the group until the police conclude their investigation, indicating that the miscommunication between the two parties is not improving.

Mr. Abdulai Amaligo, the acting chairman of the group, confirmed the events to our source, giving credit to a letter cited in the social media space which speaks to the suspension of Mr. Robert Boazor.

In addition, Mr. Robert Boazor responding to our source, when he was contacted for his side of the story, stated that he would not speak with anyone about the excise matter and would not discuss the letter: “I don’t want to be talking about the letter with anyone.” He stated that Mr. Robert Boazor has been allegedly accused of some fraudulent actions against members of Unique Mining Group, which is according to the letter under investigation. You should deal with those who gave you the letter.

The entire letter is provided below:

“The matter has been reported to the police for investigation, and we the members of Unique Mining Group, having considered some allegations of fraudulent behavior leveled against you, agree to sanction you by suspending you by our constitution.

The decision to suspend you stems from your alleged violations of sections 10(a), (b), and (c) of our constitution.

During a general meeting that also saw Mr. Abdulai Amaligo elected as the new acting Chairman of the Unique Mining Group, the decision to suspend you was made.

You will be suspended until the police resolve the situation. With immediate effect, you are instructed to turn over all group-owned properties, including documents, to the acting Chairman.

In the meantime, a copy of the letter was sent to the Regional Minister, District Chief Executive, and Commander of the Regional Police and Mineral Commission.