Mr. Samuel Boateng, a political activist, has stated that President Nana Akuffo Addo must use the resignation of Mr. Alan John Kwadwo Kyeremanteng, the immediate past Minister of trade and industry, to begin an earnest reshuffle in government business in order to ensure the continuous increase in development in the country. President must capitalize on the trade minister’s resignation to embark on a reshuffle

He emphasized that this event serves as a wake-up call for the president to immediately initiate a reshuffle to enhance governance development plans, indicating that Ghanaians will be spared the loss of the departed trade and industry minister.

Mr. Samuel Boateng said that while the trade minister’s resignation was a good move to boost his presidential ambition, it will have a big impact on president Akuffo Addo’s plans for governance in the years to come because he was given the ministerial position because he believed and trusted him.

He said that the former Minister’s plan to resign is a good step in the right direction because it will make it easier for other people who have been appointed to work with the government to meet the needs of the people.

Regarding the timing of the NDC primaries scheduled for May 6, 2023, which will be held simultaneously, Mr. Samuel Boateng emphasized that the party must take into account a lot of things and make sure the right procedures are in place to promote the party’s unity and strength in order to compete effectively with the NPP in the 2024 general elections.

He thought that holding the primaries at the same time would hurt the party’s unity, so they should focus on the parliamentary primaries first and work toward reconciliation. He also suggested a good time for the presidential primaries, which he said would help the party stay together and help them beat their rival in the upcoming general elections.