National Women’s Organizer-elect of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Dr. Hanna Louisa Bissiw has disclosed that she sacrificed her marriage and children to serve the NDC party.

Speaking on the GTV Breakfast Show on December 20th, 2022, she stated that her sacrificial decision was aimed at making Ghana a better place for her children and other children.

“When an army officer leaves his or her family to go to war, it is not because they have abandoned their families but they are going out there to make sure that home is protected” she explained.

Dr. Bissiw who has sprang through the NDC’s rank and file to her current position added that some women organizers had their marriages collapsed because they had to go and serve the party at the time their families needed them.

“I have given up my whole life; my children, my marriage, and everything so that I can
serve the party. I have decided not to have anything that will stop me anytime they call me. The last time I saw my second born he was 5 and the next time I saw him he was 9” she recounted her experience.

According to the NDC’s National Women’s Organiser-elect, becoming a national officer was not part of her initial goal.

“When we went into opposition, that is when I decided I have to go the national office and serve the party. yes, we are in opposition …this is the time my party needs me most” she added.