Fire Safety Precautions for the Christmas Season and Beyond


The Festive season is fast approaching with a lot of events and gatherings which would involve cooking. It is no surprise people have plans to host weddings, funerals, naming ceremonies, family retreats, and other events. As a matter of fact, even in your little space, you may want to put together sumptuous meals and entertain a few relatives and friends.

Nonetheless, it is important to be careful, as the excitement that comes with the festive season may cause us to overlook some basic fire safety precautions.

The Ghana National Fire Service joined the Uniiq Breakfast Drive to share some key precautionary steps to adhere to in order to avoid fire outbreaks. Divisional Officer Grade Three (DO III) Desmond Ackah, the Deputy Public Relations Officer of the Ghana National Fire Service, laid down the following fire safety precautions during the interview:

1. Do not Be Distracted whiles Cooking: Ensure that you concentrate whiles cooking and avoid conversational distractions.

2. Keep gas cylinders outside the kitchen while cooking: In case of a leakage, this allows the gas molecules to diffuse quickly into the air, preventing the risk of a fire outbreak.

3. After filling your cylinder, transport Cylinder in a vertical manner. Position your cylinder in a vertical manner, and allow the gas to settle for at least 30 minutes before use.

4. Always Check your Gas Cylinders for Leakages: Poor connection to the gas cylinder is the most frequent cause for gas cylinder leakage. Open all windows for Ventilation and turn off all flames or lamps.

5. Do not fill the cylinder to the brim: once a fully filled cylinder is subjected to heat, the risk of an explosion is very high.

6. Store gas cylinders in a well-ventilated environment: Do not expose your Cylinders to Heat. Avoid using coal-pots close to your Cylinders as it may cause agitations within the cylinder, which could lead to an explosion.

7. Purchase the right extension for all your gadgets. All appliances have the right extension to power them. Purchase and use the right the appropriate extension for all your appliances

8. Do a periodic electric fire assessment: Periodically check your electrical connections and fix damaged wires or sockets. Allow a competent Electrician to make sure that the right connections are made.

He further indicated that the Fire Service is working relentlessly to ensure that Fire Safety Directives are enforced during the Festive season and beyond. The emergency Numbers for the Ghana National Service are 192, 112, and 0302772446.