The Member of Parliament (MP) for Madina, Lawyer Xavier Sosu has cleared the air concerning his alleged arrest some few days ago.

He explained that the allegations are untrue stating that he initially did not want to speak on the issue.

Lawyer Xavier Sosu said this on GTV’s Breakfast Show today, November 10, 2022.

“The Police never arrested me…police never arrested me…there was a stop” the Lawyer said.

Clarifying issues, the Madina Legislature said he was stopped by the police but was never arrested. He indicated that though his car was impounded, he was not arrested as media reports had suggested.

“On Thursday, Parliament closes and because of this book launch I leave work a bit late, so I was leaving on Thursday for a Constituency swearing in ceremony, which is part of my duty…I left a little late so naturally I was going to go against the traffic…drive through the traffic. So as many state officials do sometimes, I had my siren and i have the security lights and infact nothing stops me from doing so because sometimes we drive to places, to other regions and when it’s very dark we use the siren and security lights to wade off maybe criminals…” he said.

He said if the Police had questioned him on why he was using the siren and lights to clear traffic, that would have been his offense.

He indicated that there is however no such offense.

Sharing how events unfolded on the day, this is what he said transpired between the police and himself; “…I asked why are you stopping me and they said because Dampare is monitoring this street, so I asked what do you want me to do?”. “They said they want me to leave the car because they are impounding the car, I said no problem, the Police then gave me their own car and 2 motorcades, one infront, one behind to clear the road all the way to the meeting”. “…The next day the Police said they are taking me to Court, I went there and pleaded guilty to the Judge, my charge was reckless driving amongst others and I paid the fine”. “They made copies of the receipt, took pictures of the them and posted it on social media”.  He added that the following day in Parliament, news broke out that he had been arrested, which was not the case.

He said he was cited for misconduct—reckless driving and has paid a fine for that.

The Lawmaker was allegedly arrested on November 3rd, 2022 after he was seen driving in the middle of the road around the Airport in his V8 vehicle with no regard for law-abiding pedestrians and other road users but he has denied the allegation stating that he was not arrested.

Francis-Xavier Kojo Sosu is a Ghanaian Lawyer and Politician. He is a member of the National Democratic Congress; NDC and is currently a member of the 8th Parliament of the 4th Republic of Ghana representing the Madina Constituency.

Lawyer Francis Xavier Sosu will be launching his books, six in number on 11th November, 2022 at 11 am at J. F Annan Auditorium, Parliament House, Republic of Ghana.