Ghana’s leading total beverage business, Guinness Ghana Breweries Plc, in line with its commitment to become sustainable by design in its operations, is phasing out its Orijin Bitters sachet product line.

This means consumers will, from the end of September 2022, no longer be able to purchase Orijin Bitters sachet on the market. With this phasing-out, Guinness Ghana is taking progressive steps to fight plastic pollution.

Announcing the development, Managing Director of Guinness Ghana, Helene Weesie, pointed out that plastic packaging remains a key component of Guinness Ghana’s business model and an important enabler for affordability, sustainability, and safe handling.

“However, to combat plastic waste and pollution, Guinness Ghana has already taken significant steps to manage and reduce our environmental impact. In 2021, we initiated a partnership with Coliba Ghana to set up ten (10) plastic collection centres in Accra and Kumasi to collect plastic bottles after consumer use. This is part of our commitment to become sustainable by design and work towards recycling of all the plastics which we produce” she added.

She noted that even though the sachet is selling well, it has a foil which is not recyclable and won’t support the business commitment to ensure 100% of our plastics is designed to be widely recyclable by 2025. So, phasing out sachet in consumer packaging is a big step on our journey to make our packaging solutions more sustainable and support the overall commitment to reduce plastic pollution.

“This unilateral decision by our business is part of several shifts which are happening over the coming years, as we focus on packaging, which is recyclable, renewable, and widely recycled. We hope it will spur other producers to follow our example, for the benefit of the environment and responsible consumption”, she said.

Commenting on this, Corporate Relations Director, Sylvia Owusu-Ankomah, stressed that as a major beverage business in Ghana, Guinness Ghana was committed to ensure that 100% of its packaging will be widely recyclable with 60% of it made from recycled material; adding, “our Orijin bitters sachet is one key aspect of our packaging which does not support this ambition as a result of its composition. In pursuance of this ambition, we have had to phase it out.”

“Sachet is also believed to provide an accessible format for underage individuals and by phasing it out, the business is taking steps towards its agenda to curb the incidence of underage drinking. Notwithstanding this development, consumers will still be able to enjoy their favorite Orijin bitters in our 75cl and 20cl formats, ” she noted.