Residents in the Cape Coast Metropolis have expressed mixed opinions about the sanctions of persons who failed to re-register their SIM cards by the National Communication Authority (NCA).

While some people supported the idea, others condemned the decision to sanction defaulters, who they believed were not to blame for the situation.

Speaking to the GNA, Mr Lebron Foli, a Sales Agent, said there was a need for the NCA to identify people, who were yet to get their Ghana card through no fault of theirs so they could be spared from the punitive measures.

Though not affected, he said, “they just cannot punish people when the ingredients needed to perform the task are not available; how do you register if you do not have the Ghanaian Identification card.”

Mr Thomas Yankah, a public servant, indicated that the whole SIM re-registration exercise would be made easier if the NCA worked in tandem with the National Identification Authority (NIA).

He said the NCA would have easily ensured that sim cards were linked with the Ghana Card through the data that would be provided by the NIA.

“These two public entities must cooperate to lessen the burden of citizens, we cannot suffer because they are not getting their jobs done.”

Mrs Olivia Osam, an Administrator, who had suffered the sanctions, said it was impossible to register her SIM within the range the NCA gave because she did not have the Ghana Card.

She said the NCA had chosen not to heed the reality on the ground and paid deaf ears to the voice of the ordinary Ghanaian.

Peter-king Arkaah, a teacher, said many people did not have the Ghana Card because its acquisition process was tedious and discouraging.

“Some of us who did it years back are yet to receive it, should we travel to Accra to get the cards?” he quizzed.

He further urged the NCA to spare people, who had deliberately gone against the grain, adding that others were legitimately finding it difficult to get them Ghana cards.

These expressions come after the NCA on Monday, September 5, 2022, introduced a raft of punitive measures, which included the barring of all outgoing calls and data services for mobile users who have failed to re-register their SIM cards.