The news of Aisha Huang’s re-arrest after she was deported for her involvement in galamsey left many Ghanaians shocked and disappointed.

One such person is A Rocha Ghana’s Deputy Director, Mr. Daryl Bosu.

Mr. Bosu, says state officials found to be involved in the return of the deported Chinese national “Galamsey kingpin”, Aisha Huang must be made to face the law.

According to Mr. Bosu, the government must be firm in the administration of justice to restore the confidence of Ghanaians in the fight against galamsey.

His call follows galamsey kingpin Aisha Huang’s apparent return to the country.

“The first thing I will say is that our state officials who have really been at the forefront of handling issues relating to Aisha Huang should resign.”

Mr. Bosu was of the view that Aisha Huang’s apparent return to the country highlights failures in Ghana’s system in dealing with major crimes.

“If you look at it carefully, there is selective administration of justice when it comes to making sure people who are found culpable of the law really face the law.”