List of entities providing loan services without license from Bank of Ghana


The Bank of Ghana has begun another clean-up in the financial and banking sector. In this regard, the BoG has targeted some banking institutions in the financial sector which are operating and offering loan services without the appropriate license and approval from their outfit.

In an address cautioning these financial institutions, the Bank of Ghana said that it is taking steps to begin actions against such entities and is also advising the general public to refrain from conducting businesses and financial services with such institutions.

Some of these financial institutions allegedly operating without an appropriate license include:

  1. Sikapurse Quick online loan
  2. 4cedi Instant Mobile loan application
  3. Zidisha Online loans
  4. Ghana Lending application
  5. ChasteLoan application
  6. LoanClub Ghana instant loan
  7. Adamfopa Loan
  8. MetaLending Instant Cash loan
  9. Wohia sika loan (
  10. Boseafie Bosea Micro credit
  11. SikaKasa online lending
  12. LoanPro digital and instant loans
  13. SikaWura Loan application
  14. Begye Bosea loan
  15. LendingPapa online loans
  16. Crest cash loans
  17. Credxter Loans and hire purchase
  18. MobiLoans online application
  19. Cedi Now cash loan application

The general public is warned against working with the above mentioned institutions and those who do not adhere to this do so at their own peril.