‘You have to be a full soldier’ – Tinny shares experience working with Hammer 


Renowned highlife artistes, Tinny, has shared his experience of working with his former music producer, Hammer of The Last Two. According to him, one has to be alert like a ‘full soldier’ when working with the prolific record producer.

“You have to be a full soldier. You have to be on alert every time. Be on your feet every time. When it comes to lyrics. That’s why a lot of artistes pass through, but they don’t get the chance to even record. You have to pass the test.”

Asked if Hammer (the music producer) ever got angry with him during the period of working together, Tinny responded by saying several times. “I dey worry,” he said.

Tinny made this disclosure on GTV’s Breakfast Show, on Friday, August 26, 2022.

Hammer, who was in the studio while the phone interview with Tinny was going on, added his voice to the remarks made by Tinny, saying; “Our disagreement was about when he had to switch from a Twi rapper to a Ga rapper. He believed that he wasn’t ready because Ghana was dominated by Twi, and he was afraid that when he came out with Ga, people wouldn’t pay attention because everywhere was Twi. But I saw the foresight that if he came with Ga, people would follow with Ga. And I was right. I mean, we argued.”

Hammer added, “his parents came into the argument, but finally his father sided with me and said, Ga could be the new way.”