The Catholic Women’s Council of the archdiocese of Accra, Keta-Akatsi, and Jasikan Diocese have supported victims of the recent tidal waves that battered the Ketu South Municipality with an amount of Five Thousand Ghana Cedis (GHC5000) and assorted items.

The items which include bags of clothing and shoes for men, women, and children will be shared among the four communities that were affected by the tidal waves namely; Agavedzi, Adina, Blekusu, and Amitsinu – Salakope.

The Member of Parliament for the Area, Abla Dzifa Gomashie received the cash and items on behalf of the four communities that were affected.

She expressed deep concern about the unfortunate happenings in the constituency.

“When I was contesting and campaigning, there were homes along the beach that I went into to campaign and homes where I sat with the people; those homes are all gone’ ‘It’s a terrible situation to be in, to have worked your whole life and then nature comes and takes it away from you. It is the reason why I am very vocal about it,” she said, describing the intensity of the devastation in the communities.

Currently, the affected victims seek shelter from churches and classrooms exposing them to mosquitoes and other environmental dangers detrimental to their health.

“We don’t have a community that has a conducive environment to serve as a shelter for those who are caught up in this situation.”

She called for urgent need to provide a structure that will serve as a temporary shelter to victims that were affected while they get back on their feet.

She said the amount received, together with the One Hundred Thousand Ghana cedis (GHC100,000) donation received from Togbe Afede will be used to start the construction of community centers that will serve as a temporary shelter in the various affected communities.

“I want to use this opportunity to appeal to you to engage other societies you belong to and any other organizations… They may not be of our faith, it doesn’t matter. Whoever can support us to be able to put up a community center that can serve as a temporary shelter is what I want to do,” the MP added.