If you live in a country where what is good for the GOOSE is no longer good for the GANDER, then you must prepare for anything at any point in time.

Yes, in 2016, under the leadership of John Mahama, Yvonne Nelson under the auspices of the NPP and their affiliates organised the most insignificant, propaganda-driven demonstration dubbed ‘DUMSOR VIGIL”.

It was very much successful to the extent that, today the organsers tout themselves as one of their achievements in helping the NPP to trick Ghanaians to capture political power.

In fact, it is one of the requirements that must be captured in one’s CV in order to be offered any “Job For The Boys” or better still “Protocol Appointment” in any Government agency by the current NPP administration.

Interestingly, the situation has changed and as it is popularly acclaimed, New KING New LAW. NPP is in POWER and therefore, the rule of law is a privilege. The ordinary Ghanaian has to succumb to the “ORDER FROM ABOVE” syndrome. It has now become a canker in every arm of Government.

Clearly, the Court ruling today is a vindication of the fact that Ghana is no longer safe to live in. And there is no room to underestimate the seriousness of this situation.

If the Ghana Police cannot guarantee the security and safety of lives and property of peace-loving, law abiding, harmless citizens who choose to demonstrate at night; after serving notice to the Police over three weeks prior to the scheduled demo, then, what about when armed robbers or the so-called terrorists decide to go on a rampage thereby striking us in the night? Where lies our fate? Let’s not forget that they will not serve any formal, official or public notice.

In 2016, the NPP said they had the men, fast forward in 2022 they cannot even guarantee the security and safety of ordinary Ghanaians who wish to exercise their fundamental rights- as CITIZENS and not SPECTATORS. Where are the MEN?