The Church And The Government Helping The Alice Bailey 10 Points Evil Plans Of The LGBTQ++ Movement


Part Two(2): In point 1,3 and 10 of Alice Bailey plans, the church and government must be blamed for allowing or aiding directly or indirectly this LGBTQ++ movement from colonial masters in Africa,Ghana.

Point 1. Take God And Prayer Out Of The Education System:– You will realise that Europeans and Americans already took anything prayers from their schools, this is not coincidence but conscious direction at breaking spiritual influence ( God Factor) on the children so that there won’t be any guilt or conscience in the next generation , by so doing, there shall be no moral, religious and social values left to stand against their movements.
What is happening in Africa is indirectly shifting towards that and we must not feed it to grow and fester, be part of the voice of Conscience to awakening the unconsciousness of our leaders, and the general public.

Point 3. Destroy The JUDEO-CHRISTIAN Family Structure or The Traditional Christian Family Structure:– Today, there are some Christian families that do not have any values left, there are abuses, waywardness in their children and nothing good to write home about ,but the church is unconcerned because their focus is how to organize huge rallies and crusades to make fat monies .

The message of Salvation and Repentance missing in their preachings and teachings, everything is about prophecies to be rich overnight, seed sowing for miracles ,and erection of huge mega Church Auditoriums for such programs .
There is envy , jealousy, hatred and sabotages in the Body Of Christ, and the church has deviated from their callings to business hubs.

When people don’t see Christ in our lives, preachings and teachings, they lose hope in the church and then engage in many evil activities. Per records, the church has many homosexuals there but for fear of losing some financiers of the church, the pastors no more preach salvation and repentance, only a few who dare preach on such menace.

So you see, you aiding Alice Bailey point 3 hence the abominable keeps growing in the country and the church. Where do you stand as a church leader? Can you do introspection of yourself and come out honestly if you are for or against LGBTQ++ movements either directly or indirectly? May God judge our works.

Point 10. Get Governments To Make All These Laws And Get The Churches To Endorse These Laws:-. If you look keenly, the LGBTQ++ movement is now on the necks of governments especially Africans to accept them as their way of lifestyles and legalise their abominable activities in the name of Human Right which is never the case but their bargaining tricks.

They come with Sponsorships, loans and Conditions and above all, Human Right fights to impose on governments to endorsing them, which will further coerce the churches and other religions to accept them as part of normal lifestyles. As a government, where do you STAND? Be bold and dare the consequences for our freedoms. Don’t be a government that will use your members either directly or indirectly to be pushing for the interest of these LGBTQ activities.

We need to be careful as governments, or leaders of the churches and mosques, by standing against their tricky- tempting -serpent- like moves and engagements.

The National Coalition For Proper Human Sexual Rights And Ghanaian Family Values, led by Lawyer Moses Foh must be supported with all blood in us. The Mental Health Authority in Ghana led by our humble CEO, Prof Dr Akwasi Osei ,must as well be applauded for taking it upon themselves to puting our cultural, moral, social and family values first. Scientifically, Mental Health Authority led by Prof Dr Akwasi Osei had proven that LGBTQ++ activities are abnormal even though the LGBTQ community did find a way to imbibe it in Psychiatric books as normal through their INFLUENCE .

We must all keep praying for our leaders and individuals for facing this satanic movements as stipulated by their own Alice Ann Bailey.

Our Parliamentarians must as well put the country first and speed up the passage of the Bill.
Thank you✍️☑️👏🙏


By:- Bismark Kwabla Kpobi
Snr Registered Mental Nurse. Mental Health Advocate. Concerned Citizen.
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