We are starving , frustrated and confused; Newly posted teachers cry over nonpayment of salaries


Newly recruited teachers say they can no longer bear the hardships they are going through as a result of nonpayment of salaries by Government, despite the fact that they continue to perform their duties as teachers at their various duty posts.

According to our source, the teachers who were posted in January but reported on duty in February, are to be paid a monthly salary of Ghc1,800 including taxes, which after deducted leaves them with Ghc1,400 to Ghc1,500 depending on the Teacher Union one belonged to. Not a dime has been paid so far.

“Please no staff ID, no biometric. We need to get staff ID before we go for biometric Registration before we think of salary payment but none is being done. They always say they are working on them mean while ew suppose to be receiving salary three months after posting as stated by GES, The staff ID supposed to be generated at the National and pass through Regional to District before getting to us” an affected Teacher lamented.

The teachers say, apart form the daily cost of feeding and water, they are also faced with other challenges including rent (accommodation), clothing, transportation, healthcare, utility bills etc.

“We rent for ourselves pay utility bills, If lucky enough and you are posted to a place where there is a Teacher’s Bangalore then you are safe, but its just a few of us that are lucky.” another teacher added.

“We newly posted train teachers, we’ve been on posted to various schools far away home to assume duties as classroom teachers, subject(s) teachers and others activities. Barely five months now, we have been working with hunger, starvation, we have borrowed from relatives and friends ending up being beggars. We are starving , frustrated and confused. Just imagine what we are teaching in classrooms now. No staff ID no allowance, no biometric registration to even show we would be paid this year. Nobody is saying anything, not even “the so called teachers’ unions,” no media house is talking about it.” another aggrieved teacher said.

The teachers are therefore, calling on the Government and for that matter the President to consider their plight as a matter of urgency.

Meanwhile the Ghana Education Service, last week, released the second batch of the Staff IDs for some more regions without dates for Biometric Registrations.