National Cathedral: Is God no longer speaking to our men of God? – Elikem Kotoko asks


NOBODY is against building a Cathedral and that is a known fact, however, citizens are strongly opposed to or against the decision of imposing a personal pledge by a president (whose Christian values remain questionable) on an entire nation, and the constant deceit and lack of transparency coupled with the seeming attempt to use Ghanaians tolerance for religion as a conduit to perpetuate gross corruption

It is however still a mystery how God did not reveal all this to the many powerful men of God put on the board of Trustees to give credence to this project. Is God no longer speaking to our men of God, is it just business as usual; as in the business side of the church?

Look, all the men of God serving on that board should bow their heads in shame for allowing president Nana Akufo-Addo “to lead them into this temptation and not delivering themselves from the evil”.

Maybe Mensa Otabil had a revelation and therefore opted out, knowing they are all colleagues they will have their respective encounters with their Maker hence there was no need alerting them, just maybe…

We must begin to rebuild our nation on strong moral values than Christianity. They have done a great damage to Christianity. Will the Catholics (with their principles) ever use the said Cathedral for instance?

The corruption has now entered the church and it’s so pathetic. I recall how even Duncan Williams came out to chastise Ghanaians for speaking against this same Cathedral because the taxpayer’s sweat wasn’t going to be expended on the project, how does he feel now, the angels of God never revealed to him that Nana was using them as a conduit to single-source a project of this nature to someone so they can turn round and take their share, or they knew about all the processes

I repeat, don’t put your hope and faith in them, build your morals, have your principles, be guided by your principles, and acknowledge the existence of a Superbeing, you will be fine.

These are the people we pay tithe to, who see things and do wonders by way of deliverances but they failed to foresee a single prophecy on the use of State funds to fulfill one man’s corrupt agenda.

Kpordawoe, happy weekend!

~ Elikem Kotoko

Deputy National Organizer hopeful