Opinion: Ghanaians To Pay Mental Health Tax And The Inclusion Of Mental Health Conditions In The NHIS A Good Call To Improve The Mental Health Authority


One major setback hindering the administration and better Mental Health care services in Ghana has to do with the lack of resources and sufficient budgetary allocations from the successive governments.
Just like Ghana Health Service, Mental Health Authority is an arm of the Ministry of Health that must be well equipped with logistics ranging from Antipsychotics, Neuroleptics ( Anti epileptics), Anxiolytics etc, and resources for health promotional activities including outreach services , home visits, active case search, media engagement, and above all Rehabilitation Centres to integrate the recovered clients back to the society for their socioeconomic emancipation.

Mental Health Authority, when fully has a solid source of funding for its activities, will then help distance itself from European( LGBTQ++ ) influence, threats and dictates as they are doing now by calling our CEO, Prof Dr Akwasi Osei to accept LGBTQ++ practices as Normal mental health condition since his School based Research and Presentations proved the American Psychiatric Association wrong that LGBTQ++ is normal, rather it is abnormal despite they including it as normal in our standard psychiatric books through voting instead of using scientific research to conclude on that.
Remember, the LGBTQ++ community has influence and power so they buy the consciences of governments and institutions to do their biddings.

I Know as a country we have been paying enough taxes already, but I am pleading with us all to accept this ‘”Mental Health Tax” so we can then be a strong authority to deliver better psychosocial services for the citizens. We should not allow our current economic hardships to make us deny the Mental Health Authority this support to giving the country psychological support services to producing better sane leaders for the country.

For the NHIA CEO, Dr Okoe Boye saying they will consider our long appeal and advocacy for the mental health drugs to be included in the NHIS is laudable, and must be encouraged, just that it should not be lips services on paper and the NHIA won’t put necessary guidelines in place to ensure timely and sufficient payment to the hospitals so we don’t lack drugs as it is now ,with over a year ,no mental health drugs shared to the Mental Health Units across the country .

I am of the optimism that the tax will help, but all revenues to be generated must be given directly to the Mental Health Authority for them to implement to building ultramodern Mental Hospitals, and sophisticated Rehabilitation Centres to take care of the victims. Government must not decide how this tax be used since they will loot the coffers and render us impoverished.

For the sake of our future generations, let us embrace Mental Health Authority and the tax to take care of the looming insanity in the media and our communities. LGBTQ++ community will then not have the hold to threatening us with their aid and sponsorships to accepting anything abnormal in the name of Human Rights.
Long live Ghana
Long live Mental Health Authority✍️☑️👏🙏

Concerned Citizen.

By-: Bismark Kwabla Kpobi
Snr Registered Mental Nurse. Mental Health Advocate. Concerned Citizen.
Call: 0209001524 WhatsApp: 0540824809 Email:bismarkkwablakpobi@gmail.com.