Bismark Kwabla Kpobi

Open Letter: –

Chief of Staff.
Hon Speaker Of Parliament.
The Media.

Psychologically, and economic-wise, the Annual Perennial Flooding in Greater Accra Region is causing more damages to the inhabitants of Accra and its environs and will be appropriate to finding lasting solutions to this canker.

The government of Ghana has been spending hugely on flooding through Nadmo and other state agencies and such monies can be used judiciously, but once, to end this natural but human-precipitated disaster in the capital of Ghana.

You may be contemplating how décentralisation Of ministries and agencies will help in addressing the flooding menace, so below are few benefits:-

  • minimizes rural-urban migrations; many people working at the ministries and their families will have to stay at the regional levels to work hence reducing human congestion in the capital.
  • less human and vehicular trafics.
  • reduced waste generations.
  • boosts the social-economic status of the various regions since there will be readily market for the farming produce.
  • maximises better usage of the state coffers through budgetary allocations.
  • reduces high demands for accommodation in the capital, thereby making it affordable for others to rent at a lesser amount.
  • reduces stress and anxiety workers go through due to vehicular traffics and congestion.
  • improves free flow of water whenever it rains, since waste production will equally be of low productions.
  • takes off huge expenditure from the state coffers annually.
  • lastly, it will encourage public and civil sector workers to be posted to any region in the country since the economic and social amenities situation will be better at the regional and district levels.

With the aforementioned benefits, I am of the highest conviction that any move of spending huge monies to Fight this annual Perennial Flooding will be waste of time, and resources, which can’t solve the rural-urban migrations of humans and goods contributing to the activities leading to the floodings.

Examples of some of the ministries to be decentralized when eventually considered:

Ministry of Agriculture- Western Region
Ministry of Education-Volta/ Central Region
Ministry of Culture and Tourism – Ashanti Region.
Ministry of Lands ND natural resources – Eastern/ Western Regions
Fisheries ministre-président Greater Accra/ Central Regions etc.

To improve our socioeconomic gains, we must think outside the box and décentralisé Our institutions to take away the burdens in the capital.
The victims of these floodings really going through a lot of stress, anxiety, and trauma leading to depression due to counting of their losses annually with no or less support from the government.
An improved decongested capital will surely help in the public health of the communities since flooding-related ill health like cholera, respiratory infections, malaria, etc will be minimized.
Let us all add our voices to make this work for a better GHANA for all.
Thank you✍️☑️👏🙏

By:- Bismark Kwabla Kpobi.
SNR Registered Mental Nurse. Mental Health Advocate. Concerned Citizen.
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