Another LGBTQ+ billboard pops up somewhere in the North and guess what, It says… LOVE, TOLERANCE AND ACCEPTANCE are proper Ghanaian Family Values. Even though the youth in the area has pulled down the billboard, it is important to address the issue before it gets out of control.

Hmm! If the message on this billboard is anything to go by, then I guess we are in for trouble.

The understanding is that proponents and practitioners of this animalistic sexual behaviour are simply, desperately finding ways to rally public support against the Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill in Parliament. They want us to Love, Tolerate and Accept their evil acts.

Well, if that is so, why won’t they practice what they are preaching? They must LOVE, TOLERATE AND ACCEPT the Persecutions, Violent Attacks and in fact all or any manner of abuse that may be meted out unto them as a result of being Gays or Lesbians, by people who hate them for what they do.

After all, according to their logic, proper Ghanaian Family Values entreat us to LOVE, TOLERATE AND ACCEPT anything – whether good or bad, holy or unholy, legal or illegal, human or inhuman, moral or immoral. In fact, any nonsense is cool because, for them, EVERY HOLE is a HOLE.

Then one can also agree with me that it is alright to also Love, Tolerate and ACCEPT other acts such as Armed Robbery, Murder, Physical and Verbal Assaults, Rape, etc. in our society.

One thing that beats my imagination is the fact that, apart from the City Authorities who should be blamed for allowing this kind of illegal adverts, the advertising companies who own the billboard as well as those who developed and designed the adverts are left to go unpunished. They must be held accountable for conspiring, aiding, and abetting the people behind these adverts.

What about the Advertisers Association of Ghana? Or is it the case that they are responsible? They must be able to hold their members accountable. It is a crime to promote illegality in Ghana.

Can you imagine waking up tomorrow to see another billboard promoting the sale and patronage of cocaine in Ghana?

If the NPP and its leadership are not behind this AGENDA, then this is the time for them to prove their innocence.

Please! I beg your pardon, who says this is not a political issue?

The NPP is in Government, they have the power to close down Radio & TV Stations, Banks, MenzGold, etc. Where have all those powers gone all of a sudden?

So why the delay in passing the Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill before parliament? Could it be that there is a deliberate attempt to slow down the process inorder to carry out these illegal adverts with the aim of changing public opinion and thereby creating disaffection for the bill?

Clearly, something is not right.