Dilapidated footbridge poses danger to Banana Inn residents


Residents of Banana Inn in Accra have called on the government to fix the dilapidated footbridge that links the Community to Kamara.

During a #GTVBreakfast visit to the Community, residents expressed concerns over how the poor state of the bridge in the area has hindered access to several Communities and is now posing a threat to people who use it.

“This place is called Banana Inn, Abolo bridge. Our gutter isn’t good at all. It’s been 12 years since they started repair works and since then it’s halted. Our buildings were even destroyed because of the gutter. When it rains, the gutter is not desilted and it worries residents. We are pleading that they should fix it for us. It has been several years,” one elderly woman said on Monday, June 13.

“It looks like our Community is not part of Ghana because we use our energy to cross this bridge. It’s in a dilapidated condition and we are tired. Homes are not flooded when it rains but for so many years this section of the gutter has also not been constructed. We don’t know what we have done in this Community. We are begging the authorities. At least if the gutter won’t be constructed then the footbridge should be fixed for school children to access it to school,” an elderly man also complained.

Another resident, Dela, also lamented about the bad state of the bridge.

“The bridge is disturbing us a lot. Actually, they demolished our house in 2012 with the intention that they are coming to construct the gutter. As at now, when the rains started coming it’s like the bridge is entirely off. This bridge leads to Kamara and Banana Inn. Students cannot access the bridge to their various schools. We are appealing to the government to assist us. We are really suffering.”

The residents who gave their Assemblyman’s name as Nat said efforts by the Assembly Member to repair the bridge have not yielded results.

“We informed the Assemblyman who comes here several times but nothing has been done. He also went to the MP but nothing has been done about it.”

They pleaded with MP for the Constituency, Alfred Oko Vanderpuije, and the District Assembly to come to their aid and fix the bridge.