Thailand legalizes cultivation of cannabis


People in Thailand can now grow cannabis plants at home and sell the crop after the country removed marijuana from its banned narcotics list.

Thailand is the first to advance such a move in South-East Asia, a region known for its stringent drug laws but its recreational use is still banned, even though advocates say the lifting of the ban on cultivation has effectively decriminalised the use of marijuana.

The government is hoping that developing a local cannabis trade will boost agriculture and tourism. It is even giving away one million cannabis seedlings to citizens to encourage pick-up.

Effectively, households will be able to cultivate up to six cannabis pot plants at home if they register with authorities, and companies can also farm the plant with a permit.

Diners will also be able to order cannabis-infused dishes and drinks at restaurants.

Clinics across the country can also more freely offer cannabis as a treatment. 

BBC reports that Thailand was the first in Asia to legalise medicinal cannabis use in 2018. However, using the drug for personal use is still illegal.